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Im a young mechanical contractor

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im a young mechanical contractor and not just in age. I just got my license last month and im trying to get with licensed builders or general contractors. Is there a better method to getting that accomplish than asking around at new constructions.

Oh i almost got a job for a dollar store last week! i bid on the job which consist of 4- 5 ton york electric heat single phase package units,sheetmetal ducting, and so forth. I bidded 68,785$
the Sheetmetal guy i gave the plans to price was 32,500
the material and units was roughly 19,200
so i would have made 16,300 for labor and any extra that would have came about.
Am i on the right track with this as well?:rolleyes::notworthy:shutup:
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If you raise your prices a lot, you will be able to say "I could have made..." with an even larger number.

Next time bid it at cost plus $1million. That way you can tell your friends I could have made a million bucks but.......
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So tell me,
Why didn't you get the job? Was it through a bid service? Pricing? Need more info.
Without seeing the work conditions, or knowing the involvement of the job.
No one here can say if it was a high price, or low price.
Right now, in many areas, some contractors are bidding jobs near or at cost. Just to keep their guys working.

Call and ask how much the winning bid was.

You may have lost it by 100 dollars, or 9,000 dollars.
No disrespect, but it's possible that you didn't get the job due to the price, but they felt more comfortable with someone else. Granted, the lower price usually get the prospects attention, but, you have to win the prospects confidence. Otherwise there's no chance.
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