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Illinois Contractors-Heads Up

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This has been on the books for several years in Illinois, but it seems that alot of guys are blowing it off.

I just found out that a guy I used to do work for is getting rung up for a potential criminal charge because he didn't have the client fill out and sign this brochure. (The guy is a real POS and deserves it, but it seems they are enforcing this more and more here.)

For any home repair over $1,000, we are required to give the client the brochure, and have them sign it. (That's pretty much all home repairs)

Better safe than sorry guys.
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Never heard of that one. It's kind of like asking for a prenuptial agreement. Yikes.
I think they are just using that for extra ammunition for fraud cases, but I have been using this to my advantage whenever possible. If they get 3 estimates, I am usually the only one that gives them this brochure. I think it gives the impression of being "up on current things", but who knows.
I give this along with the 3`re right it makes it look like you`re current and thorough.
My guess is that the criminal charge is home repair fraud and they're throwing the book at him. The 3 day right to rescind is part of the book.
There is a case that just concluded on August 10th of this year that addresses this form. I have a thread I starter a little over a month ago if you are interested in the details.

It will be decided by the Illinois Supreme Court if they decide to put it on their case list this November.

I'm curious
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