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If you ignore things long enough...

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...they'll take care of themselves!!!

First up, I did a little work for a client that I built a porch for. He needed some baseboard put in and a little repair to some stairs. Fiddly, headachy stuff that I normally turn down, but he's a good client. That was Wednesday.

This is his Thursday e-mail, (note: I had nothing to do with the trim beside the bathroom door, it was something additional he noticed.)

Rec'd at 10:45 AM

Hi Chris...Would you have an hour or so today or tomorow. The old trim at
the lower right corner of the bathroom door skanked out and needs a fix.
It's only about 6" by 4" but I don't think I would do a very good job. I
know this is a pain. MK

Strategy: Ignore.

Rec'd at 11:30:

No worries...I fixed it. Thanks

Problem resolved.

Next up...

I get this e-mail this morning after installing the porch rail for this client yeterday, (Note: I actually did show her what it was going to look like...I held the pieces in place)

Hey Chris - the hand rail you put up, while beautiful, is not positioned as I would like it. Must have had some miscommunication. I am not keen on the big post sitting on the bottom stair as it takes away from the very nice stairs and open look. I had thought the railing would go beside the stairs and then butt into the brick column from the front rather than the side. Can the railing be moved?
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Strategy: Ignore.

Rec'd 2 hours later:

Hi Chris - you can disregard my earlier email. My neighbours have all convinced me that I would be out of my mind to want to have the railing any other way than how it is. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Problem resolved.
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I do the same thing with any court summons :shifty:
Strategy: Ignore.

I do the same thing with any court summons :shifty:
If only that worked...
you do have to move a lot to make it work :laughing:
I do the same thing with any court summons :shifty:
Yea, my son does that with his parking tickets. Guess whose name the car is registered too. Damn, I really need to change that.:laughing:
That works on clients too? I've been using it on my girlfriend for over a 1 1/2 years now rather succefully. I'll have to give it a try.
Some things can be...some things shouldn't. Knowing which is the trick. I'm glad I didn't put off going to get a spot on my neck looked at. Got diagnosed with skin cancer and was able to have it removed. Doc told me of a guy who waited too long for his...couldn't save him at that point.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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