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If you are in the market for a new pot.....

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Hey guys just bought a new Pot, had a Schmidt 6.5 but never could get it to run right. I bought a blast pot from the same guys that made my soda blaster.This pot is great,shot 3 days this week, without anything other than the small separator I robbed off my Schmidt, never had to choke it or anything, all the while water was dripping from the connectors.Anyway just wanted to share a good product with people who might appreciate it, and no, i don't work for them :thumbup:


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Soda, Sand ???? what do you use in it?
Looks like a nice little pot to do mobile or in house!
Nice find.
I'm just sandblasting (mostly Coal Slag)with this pot, I have a dedicated Soda Blaster,
This pot runs circles around my Schmidt and doesn't use 1/2 the media.
how much was it?
where did you buy it?
how much cubic feet does it hold?
how long can you blast on a full pot?
The pot with deadman and 100ft of twinline was 2900 and some change by the time I paid tax and shipping. I got it from Benny at MMLJ, They are out of Houston. It is a 350 lb pot, I got 2 hours and 15 minutes with no after-cooler or moisture trap to speak of, just like it is on the picture. I think with some moisture control I could get more, I had to turn up the dirt because it was very humid and my compressor was putting out a lot of water. I have a project the middle of next week and Ill have my moisture set-up complete by then.
I'll update Friday on the blast time, nozzle size etc.I've been running a Sodablaster Sb150 made by them for 5 years, It has been rode hard and hung up wet,I have had zero trouble except when I forgot to turn on the fan or crack open the separator.I have even shot 3pallets of coal slag through it in a tight for another pot. I like the closed top, doesn't seem to work the compressor like my pop up pot and holds better pressure too. I could never get dirt to drop in that Schmidt without choking the thing almost closed.
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Just finished my project with new pot, got slowed down because the mineral company sent the trashiest media I have ever seen, had scale in it, miscellaneous small metal parts etc. Anyway the pot shot flawlessly except for trash to big to go through the nozzle, I had to run it wide open due to the size and trashiness of the media, It was running through 350 lbs an hour.I finally got my Schmidt working on this job too,I have no idea why but it it ran like a champ with the choke wide open? This was my first industrial job of any size that I have ever worked with my own company so I was pretty excited to pull it off with my smaller equipment and crew. What would you guys think that this project was worth? The hood is 30ft long by 24ft wide by
15ft tall, blasted all in and out and applied primer to interior, primer and finish exterior. Just curious at what some of you guys that do a lot of industrial would think.All we had to do was show up blast paint and put spent media in barrels.


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Rick that's a sweet job. I have not done anything like that yet. So I really have no good idea how I would price it. It looks like 14 to 20 thousand pounds of media. Am I way off? I'm curious how many guys were blasting and how many hours it took. Tri pod lights on the inside and an exahust fan? Did you need a dust sock or they didn't care about dust.I don't have a crew so if I get a job like that I will either need the time to do it my self or I will try to inlist help. I only know one other blaster near me. Any one else near Reading or Phila Pa contact me if you want to be able to work together if needed. That job looks like $20.000 to me.

Give me an idea of what you used for a primer and top coat. I dont want to know the names of the suppliers just the generic type. Epoxy, polyurethane, alkyd, or acrlyic. Give me the number of square foot, the amount of paint used and what mills you sprayed each coat at. I can get a good price range off it. It will be fun to see how close we both come. ps good for you on the job
Give me an idea of what you used for a primer and top coat. I dont want to know the names of the suppliers just the generic type. Epoxy, polyurethane, alkyd, or acrlyic. Give me the number of square foot, the amount of paint used and what mills you sprayed each coat at. I can get a good price range off it. It will be fun to see how close we both come. ps good for you on the job

It is a water based high performance acrylic semi gloss.
I have used 15 gallons of primer and 12 gallons of finish. I have to go back, it appears my post was premature I got a call today that my mils are low in some areas. Ive mostly painted with Industrial enamels,this acrylic runs pretty bad so I guess I backed off the paint more than I should have. the next day i took my sander in expecting to work on runs and they were gone. Anyway they are looking for 6 mils overall and I was 3.5 in some places. So I'm gonna add another coat of finish that will hopefully bring my millage up to where it should be. I eyeballed the sq ft, (which I will never do again :shutup:) but its probably close to 3500 all told.

So my materials are as follows:
15 gallons HP acrylic primer
20 gallons HP Acrylic Finish
1 12000 cfm dust collector for 10 days
15000 lbs blastox Black beauty (this is a lead job, however we are only responsible for gross media clean up, theyare disposing of the waste.
Crew of 3 for 7 10 hour days through the weekend
Diesel for 2 185 Air compressors for 7 days
Diesel for dust collector

The customer did scaffolding containment for us and is disposing of waste.

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Betterblast you were close, It was 15000 lbs give or take a few bags.:thumbsup:
Alright, I'm willing to take a few guesses.

Labor $4200. Fuel $650. Media $2500. Dust collector $800. I have very limited experience with this kind of paint but, Primer $1,650. Top $3,000 Total $12,800. I will stand with $20,000 for the job.
My bid was 24000.00

the dust collector was 5000.00 for 9 days
The Shipping was 2500.00 round trip about 4 hours away
Media was 3500.00
Spent around 600.00 on diesel
1595.00 on paint
labor not including mine was 2700.00
I think I left money sitting on the table.

The dust collector caught me by surprise because I figured in their quoted rental price then found out that delivery was 2400 and learn
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Wow on the dust collector. I just figured a small lift is about $700 for a week. I didn't consider shipping either. I never had to pay an employee. I thought maybe $20. an hour.Seems cheap for the paint. I have used a paint from SEM called rust shield. It is a primer and top in one. 1000 hour salt test. for $80 to $100 a gallon. Nice product. I was spot on with the diesel, lol

When I seen the scaffold, I knew you were in for it. How was pulling up your hose to each new level, then filling your pot. Then you have to paint. I did the same thing today. Now do that for 30 years. You will get what you after.

I also put it at around twenty to thrity. We are on the same page.

My job now, A grain tank. Abrasive Twenty $ per ton out of Waterloo Ia, The shippper ASI. The abrasive river rock. The supplier river rock of ia. I have the next two days to blast and coat and have the job done. The job get rid of old corn or soy beans. Blast this off and coat with v-tech 500 epoxy. good luck to me. I wont see you guys for a week. The season is at an end have to go to port neal, IA When I get to that state I never leave untill the snow flies, good luck benny when silent comes I will think about you guys, pa ps clear water florida sounds good to me. I think I should winter there, got any room? Todd
I couldn't find a website for river rock of ia. Do you know it. I'd like tolook in to that.
I was reading up on that v-tech too just to see what you had to do for a tank. It looks like a good bit of work if you end up having to degrease it first and they say about an etching solution somtimes too before priming. Do you ever have a situation with a large tank where you have to prime a finished section to keep it from flashing before you can move on with blasting the rest?
Who did you rent the Dust Collector from??????
Are you able to get like half the cash up front for this kind of job?
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