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Who says Yelp doesn't protect it's own or accepts payola.

I happened to complain about a business that shafted both myself and my client. A month after my post, he called to "work things out" with me because he saw my post on Yelp. He claims he called my client twice but didn't get through. This is interesting, since it took him over a month to finally call me and let me know this (after the Yelp review). He also never responded to my emails, which is another way he could have let me know that he tried to contact my client. Still, my client is quite clear that she never got a call from this, nada, nothing. So she had to go back to ATT and have them (at a high price) work on the phone lines.

Here is what happened to my negative posting:

We wanted to let you know that we've removed your review of ZettaComm. Our Support team has determined that it falls outside our Content Guidelines ( because it represents a conflict of interest.

Yelp recognizes that business owners are also consumers, and for that reason we permit business owners like you to have personal accounts to write reviews of businesses that you encounter in your everyday experience. However, we also maintain Content Guidelines to guard against the inherent bias contained in certain reviews--such as reviews of businesses that you engage with as part of your own business.

We hope you will continue to participate on Yelp while keeping our Content Guidelines in mind.

Removed Content:
Had a client that needed immediate help and a phone call. Our company was booked so I call Zettacomm. Shawnon said he would call our client and help them with a commercial phone line hook up to a CC reader. He never called, he never followed up, and, he never responded to my company's email. I cannot recommend somebody like this who makes the rest of us professionals look bad.

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It's the same thing on Angie's list. If you hire someone personally you can review them but if you hire them to work for you on someone else's project Then you can't review. It would kinda be like if you did a review about your worker/employees on the site.

I was being bugged about doing reviews on AL for AL that I had looked up. (I'm a contractor who looked at other contractor reviews as well as myself) and some rep called and said since I looked at xyz's reviews had I done anything with them or what I thought about them. I joked that my biz name was the best out of all of them and I was a genius and all the rest were so horrible that all their names and info should be removed (my competition). The rep was about to set up bad reviews about them. So I let the cat out of the bag. That I was the company I just said was the took him/her a second to process the thought (they had made several calls in two years to do a reviews) and then they figured out my humor. Which is funny since they are so good at finding out info or bogus reviews by connecting ip addresses and such. But yet they didn't connect my phone number and name with my biz name and number and address are all the same.

At the same time I did ask that if I hired a sub contractor to work for me if I could review them as well as state that connection in my review. (Oh yes Mr Unger you can do that if you have hired them) never a nope you can't do that. So I wanted to praise a few folks as well as heed warning about others. So before I did any reviews I emailed them for approval to have the blessing in writting. The email back stated that it wasn't allowed. (Funny three of your phone reps said it was ok) but think about that. Wouldn't you get some better reviews about an outfit that was being reviewed by other professionals? Clearly stating the connections though! Think about the contractor that has screwed every supply house in town and is on credit hold or cash only basis. Would you as a consumer want to know the possible jeopardy of a lein on your property because of the way the low baller does business? Undercuts everyone's bid then doesn't have any money since no profit so just doesn't pay the supply bill. Still in biz undercutting other professionals by 'saving the customer money by having them go select and pay for materials and he'll go pick them up for the customer because he is a good boy'

Or my favorite "we didn't hire you because we thought idiot boy would save us money by using your troubleshooting ideas that he couldn't think of and he recommended we do our own demo work and order the bargain ikea cabinets along with getting some building materials from Craigslist that people were too cheap to have a dumpster. You can use these old garden 4x4 pressure treated wood with the broken rail road spikes hidden inside as standard studs for our wall right? I mean it would be easy for you to cut them up on that fancy $400 chop saw you have and since idiot boy didn't have a saw and was going to borrow it from his uncle that has a harbor freight one that he uses from time to time if it runs! I mean yeah you bid this higher then him and it looks like you have all the tools and machines to do it plus you have that big shiny truck that brought you here. You see because idiot boy called to say he could come by and needed some money to start and when I gave it to him. He said that the clutch was going out on his work-car-hatchback-he-can-bid-lower-since-he-doesnt-have-the-shiny-truck vehicle and he was on his way to his grandmother's to borrow the money to fix the clutch. Well I called him and his cell is disconnected so I called his grandmother and she said the last time she seen idiot boy was when he showed up with 'always needs beer money boy' and they were going to fix his work car down at 'can't show up for work but not his fault boy' and she told me that if I called either a.n.b.m. or c.s.u.f.w.b.n.h.f boys ex girlfriends cell that's how you get a hold of them. They all fix people's roofs when there is work. And if you can't get a hold of any of them then just buy a carton of cigarettes. Cuz that's when I see them is when they come over to borrow a pack of smokes and I am all out till my social security check gets here. So you buy a carton of cigarettes that have pretty butts on them because they will throw them all long the side of your house and in your front yard. But if they think your watching them then they will throw it in your neighbors yard which you will have to apologize to later. Well that's what is grandmother told me anyways and he still hasn't returned my calls. So since your number isn't disconnected and your truck runs that's why we called you back over because we are stuck and don't know how to fix any off this. Can you beat his price? He wrote it down on his sheet of references that he has done work for. Right between his grandmother's neighbor he fixed a shelf for and his parole officers number!


SO ANYWAYS to answer your question would be to have your customer do a review on them about it. That wouldn't be as challengeable as another biz doing it.
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