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Hey guys - take it easy on me now - I'm new at this site & this is my first post - I'm just getting back in the business after a long hiatus and a friend gave me an old Graco airless pump with a Franklin 3/4 HP motor but with no manufacture/model tag on the pump itself - I cleaned everything I could but it needs to be repacked and I don't know the model# to order the packing kit on line -

It reminds me of a rig my brother bought back around 1980 similar to a Binks superbee mounted on a 2 wheel frame which lays horizontal - the top of the piston has a rubber bushing which rotates in a small circle as it builds pressure - If any one has a clue as to the model - or a website where I can look up photos of older rigs - that would be of great assistance - otherwise a lead as to where I can send a few photos of the rig itself and find out it's identity would work -

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated
- joepaintbrush -
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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