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ICF Home, steel roof system, A different way to build.

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This will probably be one of my favorites to do. This is a 2400 square foot basic rectangle with a gambrel roof design, in steel. The first pictures are from a few weeks back, pouring in the snow, ice and cold. The last pictures are from a week ago. The total footage will end up at 3200 sq/ft or so, with a lofted space above the great room. More to follow.


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cool to see something new
When I read the title, I figured light gauge. But nope! That's the real deal!
I have been a little slack in posting pictures and threads lately, but my facebook feed is usually up to date. You can see all the action by clicking on it.
ready for more
Looks like a dairy barn up in Wisconsin, to each his own :whistling

Whats the plan for interior wall detail, at the ICF?
How do you like putting up those steel trusses? They sure are low profile. Not much wasted space.
How many pieces does each truss come in? Two? Four? And you bolt that together?
Looks like there's a safe-room in the corner.
Will it survive a tornado?
Look what you got yourself into, all these questions to answer. Waiting....
I always see these interesting projects you have going on. When ever I make it up that way I'll have to check them out or something. Mine are usually pretty normal commercial type stuff. Nothing crazy or out of the box.
I actually took out my camera yesterday to take some pictures to post here...and the battery was dead. I use my android now almost exclusively and post straight to facebook.

But I will try to get some pictures on this week. It is pretty cool.
A few more as promised. When the outside concrete is done, I will post some updates again. Rocking next week if the electrician gets with it.


A little explanation. Spray foam insulation, and the upstairs view is of the loft. The exposed steel will be clad in western cedar and wrought iron as the railings. The fireplace is an insert and the brick face is 23 feet to the peak.

A few things of interest. My plumber began to notice a distinct odor of the spray foam....especially when he cut it to install plumbing. Like a rotten egg smell. Now this will go away when it gets rocked.....but?

The brick color choice by the clients was too close to the roof color, and the coins on the columns was a bit too much. Would have looked awesome with stone details.
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