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I tried it again

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It has probably been five years since I have tried this trick.
I am putting some boards on the face of my gas fireplace. This fire place sits in the corner of the room, and the base is on. so on the last board on either side I need a 3 1/2" slit at a 45 to slide over the base. No problem right?
Yes big problem, I am tired, and almost done. last cut will not go thru the table saw forward. now I carry two circular saws in my truck just for this problem, but i am to fn lazy to walk 200 feet to get the other saw.
Yes you guessed it I am going to run it thru the table saw backwards.
I will save at least 2 minutes here.
Now I have done this a number of times since the beginnining of my career with almost no succes.
Tonight will be diffrent I am much older and wiser.

You guessed it I made it about half way thru the cut and boom right into the side of the patio door. I have at least learned to stand off to side.
Dented the casing, the door, and cracked the vinyl.
Good thig I did not waste all that time walking up to my truck, and getting the other saw:no:
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And I mean that in the nicest, warmest possible way. :rolleyes:
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He needed to do a stop kerf. Therefore to do it correctly he needs a right tilt and a left tilt saw. You can't just flip the blade or move it to the other side.

But, what he could have done is push one while it laid flat on the TS and then pushed the other side while it was vertical.
I stole your emoticon Sir Mixalot. Thanks.

Right click on the emoticon and choose 'save picture as'

then save it to a dirctory of your choosing, I use one called emoticons.

Then upload it to your photo sharing site and you can link it anytime you wish.
Thanks leo for clearing up the confusion
It's like I can read your mind..

Sure I'll have one of your beers...thanks.:w00t:
I almost lost a finger to a press years ago due to a mechanical failure. I was lucky. The doctor was able to save it.

You need to respect powertools. They will fuc* you up in an instant.
I suppose all the guards are missing on your saws and the micro switches are rigged on your nailers too.
My 23 ga pinner doesn't even have a safety pin, never came with one. You can fire it anytime you want.:shutup:
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