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I need a price on....haha!

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Hello ALL!
I have been reading this forum for the 6 months and must say it is quite a place of knowledge and some good laughs! :thumbsup:

A little about me and my company...I have been in construction for about 15 years, started at the bottom as a landscaper, got into carpentry early on and worked my way up into construction management. After the housing market crashed I've been out on my own as a carpenter keeping rather busy.

Being up in the cold country we saw a large demand for improving the energy efficency of the homes and buildings up here and with the crazy heating costs we figured that now was the time to get into the insulation business.

PREMIER INSULATION CO. Is a family owned and opperated buisness, we mostly do Injection Foam Insulation but offer other Insulation services. Feel free to check out my website AND comment on it as I'm building it myself and I am by NO means a webmaster....haha

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:laughing: Welcome aboard Bryan. :thumbsup:
Hi! You already irritated BOB. You'll fit right in.
Yeah, who is this BOB you speak of? It was never my intention to irritate anyone.I feel sooo bad now...haha. :no:
Hi! You already irritated BOB. You'll fit right in.
good luck -- find a need and fill it = prosperity
Where in Florida are you located? I am also branching out down in the Ft. Myers area this winter. I lived and worked down there for a few years and see a potential demand for foaming the cores of the block in houses/buildings.

welcome sir! I will shoot you some questions about that foam insulation if you don't mind :)
I dont mind at all, fire away with any questions!:thumbsup:

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