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i have a customer that had aluminum siding over cedar shakes.
we did a total tear off down to the 2 x 6's and obviously installed tyvek and cedar boards.
they have about a 3 or 4 foot foundation that was painted brown.
we installed the starter strip at the edge of the wood(bottom) and went from there. they are now COMPLAINING that we should have went down a few inches further because the concrete looks chipped. the chipped concrete was evidentely covered by the old aluminum siding so they say and they want to know why we did'nt go down further. i told them we could have used furring strips but that would have meant building out the top as well. they are now asking us to re cement parts of the concrete that looks chipped and paint it. i feel like hitting the prick in the head but i need to keep my cool.
they are also complaining that the container dug up their grass. of course it did,they asked us to put it on the grass because they did'nt want to ruin their driveway,i even warned them.
this is(was) a simple job that i thought was easy money. to boot,they changed the color the last minute and i had no idea the color was about a thousand buckks more because it was a special color. i ate the cost and did'nt even mention it to them because i should have checked the price.
also,their railing on their front porch was screwed directly into the house,now that we removed the cedar shakes and aluminum,the railing is about 2 inches away. just one of those things but these unreasonable pricks are making a federal case about it. i keep telling them it came out beautiful and i am utterly shocked they don't feet the same. i am worried they are trying to set me up for not paying or at least holding back some money. any advice on the foundation or railing? the railing is black and the siding is brown.

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First off --calm down a bit--You have to keep on being cordial to these folks.(They have your money)

What will it cost to patch and paint the foundation? It may by less cost than fighting with them.

The other issues sound like you can deal with them easily enough.

Good luck -I think these people thought that they bought a complete job--- ----------------------------A little different idea than what you thought you sold them.


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relax and don't push the panic button. you need to create an aura that everything will be fine. just make a punch list of things you need to do and scratch them off one by one.
as for the foundation,its ridiculous, you only can go as far as the sheathing unless you furr it out which would make no sense in my book.
as for the grass,placate but be logical. I have dealt with these types and it never gets any easier. Next time spend a little more time spelling out your contract and what you will not be responsible for. this could of all been avoided if everything was stated properly in the contract. lastly, after the contract is signed and you have a cleared check,go over the job with the home owner one more time and take a walk around the house. of course this is done before the contract but a rehash never hurts and you can play it off that you are a very picky contractor who always wants to be 100% sure..even make a bit of a joke about it. you'll be fine,just stick to that punch list and knock em off one by one.

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that railing being two inches is interesting. I would have made a mounting block built out, maybe out of Azek or some sort of man made 5/4 decking, then secured it to the wall (if I'm envisioning the scenario correctly).

would a piece of color coordinated trim tucked under the bottom starter strip work? like a hemmed 2" aluminum w/ a 1/2" bend hitting the block.

fix the grass...within reason. leaving gouges where the container dropped isn't cool. there is usually enough grass left from the gouge to pat everything down and make it presentable again.
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