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  • He is a wise ass

    Votes: 26 32.1%
  • He is actually intelligent and knowledgable

    Votes: 31 38.3%
  • He is an Idiot

    Votes: 19 23.5%
  • Superstar

    Votes: 25 30.9%

I hate rbsremodeling

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I am doing research about my personality. I am working on a niche remodeling project and sales process. I want to know what people think about me personality wise. When you see my name you think?

The poll is anonymous so I can't see who votes just the results
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Inner city gangbanger with a thriving crack trade pandering to human kinds most basic instincts and desires while positioning himself to one day be mayor of Washington, DC for the purpose of turning it into a legal prostitution and gambling convention center:eek:

Am I close?
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Says right under your name...........village idiot.
You put it there not me!
Repetitious Biotch Slapper:thumbup:
I second ChrWright's "All of the above" (except for the idiot part - you generally have a method to your madness)

Relative Bu!! S#$% (I recall posting that in another thread)

Here have one on me :drink:
Really Big Sack
To me, I would guess that:

you consider yourself an underdog in an unbalanced war, gunning for a prize with a weapon that effectively does a lot of damage. Of course, finding the right target is difficult.
I wanna change my vote to idiot. I added up the results. 20 plus 20 plus 70. Thats 110 percent?
I am doing research about my personality
Thats right, you were one of the INTJ's here, a system builder. I either get along really well with this type or fight em to the death.
He hath come again!:clap:
there are 2 personalities to the guy. I can tell the differences when you write your posts.
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1 - 20 of 140 Posts
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