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I got a trailer

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It's not much to look at right now, but the price (free) was perfect.

Spent a couple days getting new tires and lights on it to get it home.

Now it gets new wood and a paint job, and some shiny stickers.

I hope it helps with efficiency in hauling tools, materials and trash.

Any suggestions? Tool boxes? Ramp gate on the back?

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I'd keep a couple of rolls of duct tape handy :w00t:

sorry, couldn't help myself :laughing:


Wait till you see it done.
I don't know if I'd be building any tool boxes though, too much temptation for for the scum-bags :censored:
I'm sure it will look sweet by the time you get done with it...I'm just an ass :whistling


Wait till you see it done.
Yea, I don't want to take up too much room on it anyway.
Admitting it is half the problem.:clap::thumbup:


I had a small trailer a while back and we had a lot of rolling tool boxes so the ramp gate worked well. We also had 2 different size side rails that we easily interchangeable. That way if we had a lot of light weight debris to haul, we could put the higher sides on and move it fewer trips. I definitely would not put tool boxes on b/c even if they are locked, someone can hook up and steal the entire trailer. Not that I've had that done or anything. :censored:
I'm sure it will look sweet by the time you get done with it...I'm just an ass :whistling
2 different size sides is a good idea.:thumbsup:
Hey allen,

how'd the ch bathrooms turn out?

sorry for the hi-jack shane
are you planning on putting huge-a$$ mud-bogging wheels and chrome rims on it?
I was thinking more along these lines

are you planning on putting huge-a$$ mud-bogging wheels and chrome rims on it?
nice...maybe some low-profile tires to with 'em? :laughing:
You got it.

Big Pimpin'
Ramp gate suck for trash, but are great for large job boxes.
Put real trailer tires on it not your old mini van tires.
Weld on stake pockets for the removable sides are a huge plus. You can fork lify pallets on the side that way.
For gods sake please don't re-deck it with plywood!!

Use some treated 2x and figure out how to secure them either bolt thru the frame or weld on a channel.

Ditto on the tires, don't cheap out, use real highway trailer tires.
And fix that POS saftey chain setup. Attached all wrong and the chain needs to be much heavier. :thumbsup:

Do yourself a favor and put bearing buddies on it.

Other than that, pretty awesome for free!! :clap:
Yes for shure 2x6 or 2x8 treated luber. In a past life I built trailers for a living. We used these screws for the decking. Works super fast and secure.
Thats a good platform to build on. Whats the axle rating? I would do a frame diagonal measurement just to check for any damage before building, just to be sure. Been there done that.
Strip off all the wood, spend two hours with a grinder and wire wheel, a couple of cans of primer, and then spray it.

Buy a $39 LED Trailer Light kit and go to town.

I've bought TONS of stuff from They are great.
You carpenters just don't have any idea what to do with a trailer that size.

Mount yourself an empty 250 gallon propane tank on there and make yourself a BBQ pit. :thumbsup:
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