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I was in the same boat but had never blasted before. Got some equipment and off I went. Most of my marketing has been business cards. I put them in every hardware store, auto parts store, liquor store, farm store, basically any place that would let me put some cards. Did a few jobs and word of mouth spread and there you go. I cater mostly to my locals as I don't advertise anywhere else. I got a 185cfm and a 1.5cf Clemco pot and blasted frames trailers and concrete. After loading that small pot over and over I bought a 6.5cf Clemco and another 6.5cf Schmidt. I liked the Schmidt better so I sold the Clemco. I built a mobile rig and a building to blast in. I am small time...........Not a big money making blaster but it puts money in my pocket and I love doing it. I am sure if I wanted to pursue this as a full time gig I could generate some GOOD business. I have been a member of this forum almost from the start and love it. Go back through some of the archives and most of your questions will be answered. Your question has been asked several times. Good luck!!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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