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huggytree said:
I don't get why you bothered giving them a call?

who cares what they gave them advice, they didn't take who cares what they do

think of it this may get some future work in a couple of years when their new home starts to have issues due to poor quality.

people aren't stupid...its not magic that some builders are $40k less than others....they will realize it eventually.

you could give them advice...but I think it would just make you look goofy...its not your job to guide people through life

I refer people all the time....most of the time they never contact the person...maybe 1 out of 4x
Trust me, I'm not trying to guide anyone through life. Well, maybe my kids.

I gave them a call back because I started thinking maybe they weren't looking for a builder. That they were going to general it themselves. In that case I would want them to keep me in mind for the cabinets and Millwork.

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I think that most contractors (at least on this forum) want to do a good professional job that we don't mind putting our name on. Since we are also "consultants" to our clients, we want them to make good decisions.

But there are often two different sets of priorities, their's and ours. Your business is like a store, not every one that comes in is going to buy something. They will ask your advice and then go to the store down the block (or buy it online). A small percentage of customers will buy what you have, but, don't expect everyone to buy your stuff.

It goes with both services and advice, no matter how sincere your are. In my area, people are going to jump off a bridge no matter how many safety barriers you put up.

I started my business in an area known as one of the few affordable places that white trash construction workers could live. They were all "handymen" and would work for the price of a 12 pack, and, crack or weed for the weekend. The problem was if (a) the weather was nice, (b)the surf was up, (c) still stoned or high from the weekend, or (d) one of their pals still wanted to party.........they didn't show up for the job.

Customers complained about these guys not showing up, taking upfront money and disappearing, spending weeks to do a one or two day job, etc. But the client mindset was......not hiring a legitimate professional contractor............but, I need to find another "handyman". No amount of lecturing would change their mind.
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