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Hybrid roof frame design: trusses and sticks

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Stymied by a floor plan program that did not seem to allow any interior post-downs to support a stickframed roof for a modest cross-gable, I threw the sticks out and tried a design that relied on trusses.

Ever thrown up an arrangement like this?

A rendering of the building, 37' x 44' in plan, is shown. Roof pitch is 9:12. Total loading, snow and dead, amounts to a little over 75 psf.


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Here is what the sticked roof might have looked like, if I had an inside-walls arrangement that could have contained the posts for getting the loadpaths somewhat centralized. I did not.

The posts you see get the loads into some upstairs walls, but there is no place to go from there. A truss scheme became necessary.

You know me so you know I'm partial to stick framing a roof like that. I would love to see what that main ridge calcs out to be to make the span, and then supporting valleys to the ridge.

Any idea on what the main ridge and the valleys would size out to be? I skimmed the thread so if I missed it, my fault. I just got home from Europe and had a long day of travel yesterday and very little sleep :)

By the way, you should see the beams in Switzerland up in the Alps, those houses are stout and some are more than 300 years old. Beautiful work. Every job has a small tower crane next to it for all the heavy materials.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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