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Hybrid roof frame design: trusses and sticks

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Stymied by a floor plan program that did not seem to allow any interior post-downs to support a stickframed roof for a modest cross-gable, I threw the sticks out and tried a design that relied on trusses.

Ever thrown up an arrangement like this?

A rendering of the building, 37' x 44' in plan, is shown. Roof pitch is 9:12. Total loading, snow and dead, amounts to a little over 75 psf.


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Time-wise, trusses are the way to go. You have to handle and install both sides of a conventional roof. With the trusses, you also have places to run ducts and other utilities.

I also feel a 9:12 vault might be a little too much visually.
Boy, I'd love to see that in a skp. file with all layers turned on. Nice job!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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