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HVAC License vs Bond?

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Hello. I have currently received My EPA Certification For handling The Refrigerants. I am certified to work on Heating and cooling units.

My Question;
Before, I thought I had to have the HVAC Contractor License Before i could go out and Perform work here in ALABAMA.

Now, You Are Only Required to Obtain the HVAC license if you do work over 50,000 dollars. If not, Which is how i think i understand it, you're required to have a 10k dollar Performance Bond.

So, If i want to Advertise a Business Name, And perform work, Do i have to Take the Exam to pass the HVAC test.

From My understanding, I am only Required to get a 10k bond, Since Taking the test for the license is only if you're doing work over 50k

I am So Confused... Please Bear with me. I think i should use the Epa Certification i have now, and get a 10K bond not needing to take the Exam since i will not be getting over 50k dollar jobs. But i thought the Exam was for a Business license here in ALABAMA?

If i get the 10k bond, where do i get my business name, do i just make one up, how does this work and what do i need?
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The EPA certification is not a license to run an A/C business, it is a certification required by the EPA.

If you are going to do HVAC work, why not get licensed?
Hello Bwalley;

It was My Main Concern that to take the exam one must have in hand Proof of 3k hours in the field, To my surprise i have enrolled into every single Heating and Cooling Companys here in my Entire Northern area only to find out its right near impossible to gain a job with the way our economy is at this time, It is just a Simple No go, Nobody is hiring.

If you can not get hired, you simply can not get the needed hours to sit for the exam, You got problems! This is why you would work under a Performonce Bond if you could do so, For the experience and hours. Unfortanitaly it does not work that way. If you cant gain the ours threw employment, You Will Not get the license.

It was my interest to work under the performance bond not needing to be licensed, To gain Both ours and experience, It doesn't work that way. I have Contacted montgomery alabama. You cant Touch it without passing the exam!

I was trying to understand how to Obtain my Hvac License without having to Work under someone else, That is the reason for the post. The outcome in the end was to gain the license. I see now that i will have to work under someone, Find a Job. That was the answer i was looking for, Different ways of possibly obtaining these license, Its clear i have to show the hours as of agust 1st, when the 3k hour law was passed.

So, if i want to do heating and cooling at the commercial rate, i must find ours before i can even get licensed, That sucks because its a 3 year battle.

All the Present and past Hvac company's here in alabama was able to obtain the license without showing experience, In my Generation, It is not going to be handed to us as it was to the past generations, In other words, i cant just jump up and go get the license like you could do 2 years ago. This is why i was interested in if you could work without being licensed, but only bonded and certified.

My questions have been answered, Thanks.
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