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HVAC/Kitchen Remodel

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I'm remodeling my kitchen, currently there is a wall seperating the kitchen from the living room. Currently the HVAC comes down that wall - 2 seperate ducts - one with a register pointing into the kitchen and one point into the living room.

In my reconfiguration of the wall, i need to lose one of the duct lines coming down. My thought was to have one duct line come down and have a "T' end that would allow for a register on each side of the new wall - one into the living room, one into the kitchen. (So without the register covers on you could see right into the other room.)

Does this seem reasonable, and can a "T" be found in stock at stores, or is this a custom part? Or am i going in completely the wrong direction? Other ways to do it worth considering?

Also any insight to the best way to close of the hole that will be left behind by removing one duct?

Any insight woud be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Why does the duct have to be in the wall? Why can' t it be in the ceiling?
Answering your questions

My joists currently run parallel to this wall, and the main duct is right above the location of where the new wall would go in. There will still be a wall in this location, it will just be a reconfigure, so if i just put a register over the existing hole, i'll just be heating the interior of the wall.

If i tried to run it all through in the ceiling i would have to run two lines out one in to the living room and one too the kitchen in order to get heat/ac to both rooms. In doing that I would also be running across my joist, which doesn't sound to appealing.

That is why i was thinking of using the wall and a "T". Am I missing something that would be easier?

Thanks for the help!
I do not see any problem with that, provided you install adjustable type registers in the holes. Also keep them both the same size.

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