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HVAC intake in bathroom

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The house I am working on has a whole home Venmar system for air exchange and exhaust. The question I have concerns the location of the intake in the bathroom. Is the location of the vent critical to it removing the humidity. It's a 9 ft ceiling, a 32x60 shower and shower doors at a height of 84". The wall vent location in this 5x10 room is closer to the vanity end than the shower end. Should I be concerned and think about moving it closer to the shower. I believe the HVAC installer just tied into the existing system that was located 2 feet off the far wall of the shower where it was convenient and said It would be fine. I did notice he had to use 3-90's to get the turns in so the vent could face outwards into the room. Its located in a bulkhead above the vanity where it seems half the other stuff had to run


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Closer to the shower would be better, but it will work there.
you ca place it opposite to vanity
you can place in bathroom opposite to vanity. And Closer to the shower would be better, but it will work there.
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