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I've been a member of CT for some time but have done very little posting and a lot of browsing as I feel the forums here are for the tradesmen as opposed to we manufacturers. If I'm not posting this in the right section I'm hoping that someone will let me know. I'm not here to break rules or rub folks the wrong way.

However, a dealer/installer of mine in the Tallahassee area has just finished a nice looking project that I simply have to show off. If you know of anyone who is convinced that the only hurricane protection out there is butt-ugly, show him this.

This project is located in St. George Island and I believe the house is some 20+ years old. It had been previously protected by corrugated panels, but being about 35 feet up to the tallest part, putting up and taking down the panels every season was not only labor intensive but quite dangerous especially when the winds pick up.

These are crystal clear, distortion free shutters that insulate against heat and sound as well as storms. They filter UV rays and will actually extend the life expectancy of any window - especially pvc. framed ones, which are prone to turning brittle from exposure to the elements. They also eliminate the breakage of any window including impact windows and carry a 10 year warranty.

Keep in mind that the dealer who sold and installed this job (J.P. Roberts and Co.) carries a variety of hurricane protection products, the bulk of the fenestration is covered by our product. I'm only going to post 1 BEFORE and 1 AFTER pic just to give you an idea of how a surface mounted system looks when complete. There are many pics of the "inside mount" system that is flush with the face of the window opening on the website but he chose the surface mounted system due to the lack of backset of the existing windows.

All of the windows are 36" wide and vary in height from 8 ft. to 14-1/2 ft tall.

I welcome any feedback (pos. or neg.) and we are currently looking for dealer/installers in all storm prone areas.



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