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Hurricane damage update

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The checks have finally arrived and been deposited, time for reconstruction, right?
Wrong! Today I spent 2hrs. and called every pool enclosure company in the book, none are accepting new business or giving estimates. Roofers are going the same way, no estimates until April thru June (beginning of next hurricane season). Fencing I can have done in a few weeks.
Seems a shame that I have all of this money and no one wants it!
Grumpy, Looks like I'm gonna be a roofer, standby for questions. I'm going heavy Ga. metal and currently have ridge vents. They are very cheap tin foil things that were bent up pretty well but still didn't leak. There was a very little water that came in through the gable end vents, not enough to cause any damage. I'll board them up next time. I'm most concerned with the ridge vents and their installation on metal roofing.
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Some friends of our are having the same trouble, they live here but own a house down there and the most damage they had was their pool enclosure, you're doing better then them, they are looking at 18 months to get somebody to do something with it.
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