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Are you sure the roof has felt under the shingles? I've seen roofs facing north in the winter with no felt create swiming pools and bath tubs.


zbwmy said:
That is what I heard too. Do not add gable vents to a ridge/soffit system. Thanks for confirming.

The insulation is not blocking the soffits. There are those styrofoam things(can't remember the name), installed to prevent that.

What do you mean by enough exhaust?

The roof is 36 feet long, so I assume the ridge vent is approx. the same.

My attic floor is 24x36ft. 864 sq./ft. ?

There is no vapor barrier between the insulation and the sheet rock ceiling below. I read a vapor barrier is not required with blown insulation. The cellulos acts as it's own barrier. Is this true? I was thinking about that ceiling paint thats available that acts as a vapor barrier.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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