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I had a fella working for me that gave rise to a new species of human.

One night I was drawing plans at the drafting table and he badgered me into going to the bar to listen to him sing Kareoke. So off we went me humanoid and his girlfriend.

We are only there about 15 minutes and his girlfriend and him start fighting. She walks over to three cowboys at a table and shows them how she can swallow her whole beer bottle.

After an extreamly heated confrontation it all ends up in the parking lot where humanoid takes it upon himself to put his own head through his own windshield. I didn't say the new species was intelligent.

So after this display of reckless auto endangerment, humanoid turns on the cowboys, they ran from him for several minutes, until one yells at me "He's your friend! subdue him!" I could tell by the look in humanoids eyes, he really didn't care who was on the other end.

"No, no, no!" I said while backing away from the humanoid advance, then he lunged, all I could do was grab his hands to keep him from swinging. Humanoid shoved me back against the car and head butted me so hard I almost blacked out. After my mind returned, I was a little upset. He went down on the third and I told him not to get up.....but,...... He went down on the forth,...again I told him not to get up.....but.... He went right down on one punch.

After that I herd a fish and game officer scream freeze. No crap, Fish and game,..... finnally dispatch gets the right dept.

I spent the night in jail listening to humanoid opologize.

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