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How's it hanging, from Central Florida

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I'm a finish carpenter fighting to stay busy, used to sub contract all new construction ,triming houses, but now a lot of HO work through referals , I do crown molding,custom buit-ins, cabinet refacing, laminate counter tops, interior remodels , exterior doors, and even some painting
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thank you, a lot of interesting talk here... how is the weather up there. I'm 31 and I've never even seen snow
there are building contractors in my area still staying relatively busy doing remodels and such. like i said i used to do a lot of sub work and would like to back into it...
problem is most contractors have "their guys" .
Anybody know the best way to approach a contractor about doing work for them. Ones that you don't already have a relationship with... I have lots of pictures of past projects that would help with my credibility and quality of workmanship ... should I set an appointment , try to catch them at the office or job .
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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