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Howdy fellas, I'm Mick and I'm from Ireland. I am a joiner by trade. Looking forward to chatting.
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hello Mick, I'm new here myself, but no-one said hello to me until I re-posted. So I want to make sure you get noticed. (Since then a bunch of good guys have greeted me.)
I haven't heard anyone describe themselves as a joiner since I left England (you know where that is) years ago. Do people use that term here in the U.S? Anyway, glad your here.
Howdy (said with a bad Texas accent) yourself there Mick. Welcome to CT or as many call it the Asylum.

O.K. your from Ireland and you go by the handle "Mick"...whoda' figger'd?

No, what the H...E...double hockey sticks (said with a bad North Dakota accent) is a "joiner"?

a joiner is a chippie, but doe's finer work :laughing:

welcome Mick!
a joiner is a chippie, but doe's finer work :laughing:

welcome Mick!
Bloody he11 - whats a chippie then & what does a deer have to do with it? :laughing:

Welcome to CT Mick, mind putting your location in your profile?
Welcome to CT Mick!
Come on, Mick, tell them what a joiner is.
And the part where you have to have a missing finger or thumb.
Hey Mick, are you still with us?
I hope we didn't chase you off with the wise guy stuff - this place is just your average job-site rowdies, and everybody wants you to feel welcome.
Just jump back in, and explain "joiner" - not a term used here, and we're all here to learn.
Right guys?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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