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Hello all. New guy from Canonsburg, PA.

I have been researching for a shower drainage problem that I believe to be a bit bigger than my ability and need to know if I should seek other professional help.

I'm a general hack that got started painting and working for a couple property managers (happened to have one living on each side of me at the time) who were interested in having someone take care of small jobs. Small jobs led to larger ones and I've grown over the years.

Mostly, I'd say I'm a painter that does some carpentry and remodeling but I've been know to get into larger remodels and renovations if the opportunities present themselves. Generally speaking, I don't do electrical or plumbing for liability reasons.

However, over the years, there isn't much I haven't gotten myself into - for good or bad...

Seems like there is lots of good information and I'll be asking some questions elsewhere... Thanks in advance.
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Welcome aboard---join right in!--Mike--
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