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Howdy from VT

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Howdy, folks.

I've been lurking on this site for a couple months now. I'm a builder with 6 years in the trade, professionally. I tell people I've been at as a hobby for 20 years -- since I could pick up a screw-driver around 3 years old

I'm just beginning to branch out and seek out my own job sites and contracts. I've done a few roofing jobs, now, and a small deck rebuild (with a subsequent rot repair -- 100 year old house badly in need of residing). I would say I most enjoy, and am best at, roofing work.

I'm 23, and I'm fighting to build a reputation, whilst fighting against the reputation that's already built. Young guys in this industry aren't trusted -- usually rightfully so. I'm working my way through the paperwork and business-planning involved in seeking legitimacy and incorporation.

I work in Vermont -- primarily in Chittenden county (the Burlington area). Vermont is a word of mouth state. Good references mean more up here than years of experience. Because I have less experience than most of the guys on here, I think I'll be mostly in the asking / reading end of things. I hope I do get the opportunity to offer some advice. I'm a enough smart guy, and I can problem solve with the best of 'em.

So now that I've rambled for a while: Hello! Lookin' forward to chattin with you folk.
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Hello from the southern end of the state. Great site here i recommend taking full advantage of the business section. Take care and good luck.
Hello from Rutland County! Nice to see another Vermonter here.
I am in VT too, in your area as well. You are right VT is a word of mouth area big time. Good luck, my business is new too. Its hard work to grow in this economy but nothing good is ever easy.
Good luck to all of you in Vermont. My mother lived there in Grafton from 78 to 1990 and I was there during a lot of that time when I wasn't in school or with my father in Louisville. Vermont is such a beautiful state, I have not been there since 1990.

In 1988 I worked with a roofer as a helper. He was from Rutland, and his name was Gordon - he had a low rider Harley as I recall. We did a couple of hand split cedar shake roofs while I worked for him.
Since when do they say 'howdy' in VT? Or was that Virginia Tech? :laughing::laughing: Welcome wherever you are from!

Maybe its a Canadian thang. :shifty:
Beautiful country out there in Vermont. I bet the wood doesn't rot and warp as much as is does in here in Florida. Nice to meet ya.
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