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Howdy from South Texas

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I've been checking out the website while I've been keeping my head afloat starting up into the residential remodeling business. I was laid off from a commercial construction company in Dallas and decided to move my family back to San Antonio where I have been attempting to get back in to the remodeling business with aspirations of moving from worker and boss to just boss. I have a degree in Environmental Design from the best University in Texas-Texas A&M, and I enjoy using my design skills to complete projects that come in with very little profit; it's a problem I have been trying to get over. Already, reading many your posts has been encouraged me to not wince when I hand potential clients an estimate. I've decided it's better to have them react a little painfully than smile and immediately ask when I can get started. It's just good to know others experience the same problems and issues in this business that I do. So here's to the "free" (somehow, it never really is) exchange of ideas.
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wellcome to CT . i know your struggle the market is dismal in central florida but i remain optomistic.
Welcome to the forum! Never, ever let 'em see you wince! :no:
I have finally learned that it's better for them to wince than for me.
I may have missed it, but "michael", where ya at? what kind of work do ya do? what license(s) do ya hold?
Who's "michael"?
Don't worry about it CutTwice, JF is asking these funny questions all over.

I gather that "michael's" post are being deleted some how.

See this,

Pretty strange things happen here around Halloween.

Welcome to the site.
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Charging what you need to keep the business going and make a profit is what you need to do. Once you start closing 75% of your jobs, raise prices 10%!

Yea, I've found that I like charging more. I like it even better when they say "yes" to the bid. I have been slowly charging more the last few months and it has been paying off. It's pretty nice not having end of job regrets. I have also found that growing a beard helps. Somehow it garners a little more respect. It also is getting prematurely gray. I think that helps even more.
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If I grew a beard I would look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo!:laughing: Somehow I don't think that would help me.
Welcome to CT
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