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Howdy From Austin

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Hey Guys,
Stumbled on this site quite by accident. Glad I found it. Anyway I have been in construction for 35 years. Did all the normal stuff like most of you guys did and build forms for concrete, framed houses, sheetrock, paint, build cabinets, custom decks, remodel and interior trim. Did a 750,000 sq ft medical complex for 3 Drs which intern did work on their houses. Done 3 bars on 6thst in Austin and one hootie bar. Built a 8000 sq ft house for a very eccentric millionaires from CA. Changed their minds every day. I’m hired as a superintendent building custom homes and when they are ready for the trim I do it.
What is strange I like to do rock work as a hobby. I built many raised beds and walkways for my garden and all kinds of retaining walls and such. People see this stuff and they want something. So lately I have been doing fishponds, rock walls ect, ect.
Started flying in 1976 and had the bug bad so I joined and spent 8 yrs in Army Aviation. Have about 2500 hrs in AH-1, UH-1H, OH-58, UH-60L. Spent a lot of time at Ft Hood and other fun places.

I like to garden big time. Picked 183 tomatoes in one day.
Rock work. Lasts forever and
Shooting my Glock 19


[PS] You can take off those rubber boots off now. :whistling
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Welcome to the site.

Mind putting your location in your profile?
Welcome to CT!

My resume something like yours w/o the flying. Moving to Marble Falls in about 4 weeks to get to work and put MI in the rear view mirror.
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