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THe IRon Piñata
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Both ways for each situation...."builders request"
Biscuits with arrow 1/8 flat staples....
Detailed moldings... sides then top....biscuits usually only with plinths
The cased openings I build both ways...
I can eyeball an adjust miter on the doorway to look just as good as biscuit joints....
Seems to me it takes just as long if not longer...biscuit,glue,clamp...three more steps when builders don't ask....
But with 1x4 casing yeah biscuits glue for the win....
"Old school" use biscuits 100% of the time..
Just why are the biscuits needed?
for detailed moulding for 15-20 doors one guy nail one guy cuts is the way

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Joemack1 said:
I was just wondering how many guys use some kind of biscuit
or the domino to join there miters together on casing and which they like best
Depends upon the job/budget.

MDF/Pfj casing: No.

Stained work: Always with biscuits. (Some profiles are too thin for the domino)

Poplar casing: More times than not.

For contemporary stuff, I've been know to pocket screw heads and jambs, even in MDF and PFJ; but that's assuming you're sub-casing is at least 1/2" thick.

I've heard and read good things about the "clam clamps".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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