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How ya'll doing

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Hey there,

My name is (you guessed it) Dan. I grew up in south east Texas. Had a kid at 16, and got my first roofing job at 17. Moved to north east Ohio at 20 because i was promised a good job working in a plant with my father. Turns out he was full of it, and i found myself finding a roofing job here. The rest, as they say, is history.

Currently sub-contracting from Squires Roofing doing mostly repair work, techincal consulting, and customer service.

For fun, i'm into playing with rail buggies.

My biggest pet peeve is guys who don't take pride in their work!

Guess that's about it. if ya'll got any questions, fire away.
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funny.... i think everyone on here has found themselves roofing for some reason at one time or another:thumbsup:

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