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Greetings all,

I'm Russ, fairly new to the AEC industry but am thoroughly enjoying some aspects of my new job at Theometrics (theometrics dot com) an NYC based software development company and a service provider to the AEC industry.

Theometrics mated a measurement instrument to a Toughbook PC running AutoCAD or Revit to create 3D models of a construction site in real time, on location with laser precision. Besides as-built, deviation or forensic studies they can also turn around and layout any point in space from existing architectural drawings... instantly.

Pretty cool technology, and in my opinion the way of the future. Sure measuring tape and string aren't going away anytime soon even on the building of skyscrapers in NYC... using this technology on new construction or renovations saves time and money... and gives architects info in 3D... the same technology already used to design buildings.

If anyone's interested to check it out, I posted some video's on YouTube of the presentation. But if you find yourself in NYC I'm sure I can arrange a demo.

--Russ ;)
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