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Somehow I stumbled onto this forum looking for something, and now find that I keep checking it. Have read some of interesting stuff on here and have learned a thing or two.
About me...I try to see humor in most anything. Avid history channel buff, used to roadrace motorcycles (still have my 76 Ducati 750 sport), think I'm good at stock and option trading, did 4 long yrs in canadian army as a mechanic, sailed for two years in caribbean and eastern seaboard (ran out of money), ex-pat canadian from S. Ont. living in Sebastian FL, central on the east coast. Someone called me a 46 yr old drunken sot and I resent that ... I"m a 49 yr old drunken sot. (Lee Marvin quote) There now you know the life story.
Metal roofing is what I do and nothing else.
Cheers Metalroofer

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Welcome to the site from a fellow S. Floridian!
Metal roofer, huh. Just so happens that I'm in need of one of you. Do you go as far south as Jensen?
We ought to get together and talk this over.
I sailed the Carribean until I was 13. Still have my first scoot, a '66 BSA with an 810 Dunstall kit installed, chopped and currently undergoing a rebuild. Been known to do a few 12 oz. curls too.
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