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How would you feel?

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The crew I hired turned out to be irresponsible. I have a 32sq walkable ranch, one layer tearoff and reshingle with GAF, ventilated ridge. Must be done in one day, so have your own tools, ladders, etc. I will give this job to the lowest price per square crew that answers me today. Thanks. Respond with the number of people you have, your experience, and how much per square you require. I supply all materials

hmm I wonder why the first crew was irresponsible?? How would you like it if you hired a contractor then found out the roofer he chose to have you roof your home is the guy who offered to do it for the lowest price?
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einstein probably still can't figure out why he gets chitty results from his "contractors" :no:
I thought that is what all top notch contractors did. I guess I will need to review my hiring practices if you are saying this is wrong.:confused1:
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