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How to sign jobs being only 19?

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This is my first post here, but i have been reading this site for a long time now. I am 19 and own my own company, Rusk Enterprises LLC. I have been in business for a year now. I have been focusing mostly on landscaping so far. I do retaining walls, pavers, cut some lawns, new lawn install etc. However, my real passion is construction. I have been working in construction since i was 13. I know how to frame, roof, trim, tile and a little bit of everything else. I still work with a gerneral contractor part time when i run into a slow week. I started doing landscaping because i knew how to do it, and because it is easier to get a 2k paver walkway job at age 19 compared to a 65k kitchen remodel.

How do i over come my age to move on to the big jobs. I have done some subbing for some guys but it just seems like every builder in the area is a hack and wants everything done fast, and doesnt care about quality. I still live with my parents and were doing our kitchen over right now. Were doing it all ourselves and it will be one top notch kitchen when it is done. So i plan on making up a nice tri-fold brochure with before and after pictures.

When i have my brochure made up what should i do with it? Direct mail? I know i am all over the place with this post but i am hoping you can give me some advice.

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Here. you have to wait until you are 21 to engage a legally binding contract, I believe that the age is 18 in certain states. I just went through this with my son who turned 21 on the 1st, now he can do anything.
Unfortunatly, until you are older, or look older anyway, you will still be a "kid". No one wants to trust a kid with thousands of dollars. Trust me, I started my construction company when I was 20. Hustle, pay your dues, and grow a beard.
I know my age will be my greatest hurdle. It just kills me to see jobs done by guys twice my age that i know i could of been done myself. It frustrates me to see guys who are hacks making a killing while i am struggling. I know once i get a few jobs under my belt i'll be set.

There might be more wisdom in that than you think. I have been in my contracting trade for 22 years, and have been professionally licensed for 16 of them. Trouble is, I have one of those forever young "******************** Clark" faces. People still call me "boy". It bothered my at one point, but now I turn away more work each week than I actually do. There was a point in time that I did grow the most obnoxious bushy moustache you ever wanted to see. I think it either helped me look older, or I just felt older. I'm not sure which, but it seemed to help overcome the age objection for a spell. The best thing I can advise is for you to act overally professional. No joking... just be always serious and "all business". People will soon forget that you're young and think of you as a businessman. In my area, one of the finest general contractors is a pair of brothers who might be 25, if that old. They're doing some super nice high end stuff.
Lunicy said:
Hustle, pay your dues, and grow a beard.
Pm me, Matt.

I have a lot to talk to you about.

BTW- Im 22
Yep, I am cursed for youth. It's my looks, which I let my facial hair get scraggy for, and my behavior, a youthful enthusiam mistaken for inexperience.

I laugh at the commercials for getting out the grey hair! I would buy a product that puts grey in. There is a valid prejudice for experience which seems unfair to the extra sharp and motivated youth. You are right if you recognise this silliness.

Good life lesson for all about prejudice. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Race, sex and age are factors of experience, but give everyone a chance. They deserve it.

And sometimes you simply have to demand respect, because you know what you can do. I got a story about that. A door hanger friend was "manager" for the Ga. Tech football team and rode on the team bus with the guys. There was a quiet guy who was always reading and was teased by the other guys on the trip. My buddy asked him how he was able to handle it. Dude replied, "I know what I can do".

That dude became a Dallas Cowboy and has a Super Bowl ring...or two...or three.

Quiet confidence.

Eh...I didn't drift off topic. You did. :) The message is that for any outstanding young man like yourself should realize that the higher you fly, the more you can expect hurdles from the jealous and lazy. You don't have to jump over them, as they are set for you to fall. Jump if you must, but avoid these obstacles if you can. They just want you to fail.

Never give up, and always move forward.

Where are you anyway. I have more than I know what to do with. I would happily shovel some work your way
I went through the same thing when I started selling windows and siding, I was 22 at the time and I am now 24. I always used to brush my hair forward and it would always cover up my slightly receding hairline. I decided one day to cut my hair shorter and it kind of accentuated said hairline (kinda like Matt Lauer). The funny thing was that i started making more sales. Was it coincidence? did i just get better? or did people trust me more because I looked 5-10 years older?
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