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How to Safely Pressure Wash your home.

If you’re a a do it yourself type person, or just enjoy learning new things, then your at the right place. Pressure washing your home, is one of the most common, and easiest ways to increase its value, at a relatively low cost. But when done incorrectly the results can be very damaging. Years ago, and even today when people decide to pressure wash their home, they actually use the term “pressure” literally, and blast away at there home. This method can cause a great deal of damage to the surface, and underneath the surface.

Now pressure washing your home, is done with low pressure, and specially formulated detergents, that remove mold, mildew, and pollutants, safely and almost effortlessly on your part.

  • Most home owner grade pressure washers are equipped with either a Down Streamer or Up Streamer. The way to tell which you have, a Down streamer will be a chemical injector that is installed AFTER the pump, and an up streamer will be installed BEFORE the pump. Either will work well, but if you do use the Up Streamer, make sure to run plenty of fresh water through the unit, after use.

  • Get a bucket or container that the siphon line of your chemical injector can rest in. Now its time for our detergent, if mold, and mildew is your primary problem, fill a 5 gallon container with about 2.5 gallons of Clorox bleach, and 2.5 gallons of water. Next add any non ammonia based soap such as laundry detergent to your mix, and stir around.

  • Identify the soap nozzle your pressure washer should have come with, this nozzle with generally only reach low lying areas, in order to reach higher areas with detergent, you can either use a ladder, or perchance a 0030 – 0060 nozzle from any pressure wash supply store,.

  • Before beginning, connect your water hose to the unit and turn it on, make sure all hoses are connected securely and your lance is connected as well. Turn the unit on, and with low pressure, preferably a 40 degree tip, pre wet all the grass, trees and any vegetation or structure that could be damage from the detergent. Work in sections, and pre wet the area you are going to start in.

  • Time to clean, once everything is pre wet, attach your soap nozzle, and place the siphon line in the detergent container, and begin to disperse a liberal amount of detergent from the bottom to the top, on the areas you are attempting to clean. Allow mixture to dwell on the surface for at least 5-10 minuets do NOT let dry, while your waiting attach your low pressure nozzle to the unit, and re wet all the grass, and vegetative areas.

  • Time to rinse, for a 1 story home a 40 degree nozzle will regulate the pressure to a very low amount, and reach the height your attempting to reach. For a 2 story home, you can either use a ladder, or my preference, is buy a 0020 meg nozzle and stand 15 feet away from your home, to rinse the higher areas, and switch to the close range 40 degree for areas you can reach. Rinse thoroughly and completely, and work from the top to the bottom. If the surface has achieved the desired effect, move on to another section, and repeat steps 5 & 6. If the area you are attempting to clean has not cleaned completely repeat the steps until you obtain your desired result.

If you have followed the above, your home should be clean, and no damages were incurred. Always use every safety precaution when working on ladders or spraying detergent, Never wear open toed shoes, and always where some sort of eye protection.

The above is a great home owner method on cleaning your home, while the methods above are somewhat similar to the way professional companies clean; we also have access to some of the best equipment, and detergents, on the market that can greatly improve results, and productivity. While I always solute the homeowner that can do things on their own, sometimes, it is almost better to contact your local pressure washing company, to do the work for you. Not only will you be supporting your local small business, but you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, and backed by an insurance policy.

Always make sure when hiring a Pressure Wash Company, that they do have proof of insurance, and always ask, if low pressure will be used on your home, never allow someone to just blast away.

As always thank you for reading, and if your in the Houston, or surrounding areas, please visit our website at

John Ajaz

Bonus Tip : If your cleaning hardi plank, or vinyl siding, add ¼ of a cup of liquid car wax to your detergent, for a nice sheen after your rinse.
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