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How to paint typical aluminum Garage Door

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Friend of mine emailed me this, so i figured i'd ask the pro's what they do to handle the situation for a long term paint job-
"My Garage door is aluminum and is starting to fade bad-White-Can I paint it? What do I use? Thanks "

So any info for a LONG TERM solution, steps to be taken before primer/painting, type of paint, brand of paint, how you applied the paint, etc...would be appreciated.

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I just had one wall of my moms house painted. (aluminum siding) The painter powerwashed the dead paint off, after allowing several days to dry out, he then applied a bonding primer.(Superbond) He followed that with a low lustre acrylic latex house paint. (Sea Shore) My dad had done 3 sides before he passed away with the same house paint, at least 3 years earlier.:thumbsup:


I like to use Benjamin Moores Iron Clad it's a self priming paint, I have done a lot of garage doors cause they rust here in Michigan and this product holds up real well in this area also it comes in oil and acrylic latex. you apply two coats and it's a done deal, I would power wash it first. Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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