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Some amateur (me) thought he could get away with a lesser pitch than recommended on Laserlite roofing over a verandah (I did everything else by the book!). While gradient testing, water flowed freely off the roof prior to fixing the sheets, and it seemed to flow back towards the main structure roof and then back into the guttering. :cry:

However, tightening them up seems to have caused the very flexible material to change pitch. Now in several sections the water runs back up under lengthwise joins, a fair bit of unsightly dirt collects regularly and rain (what little we've had) also runs up under the ends, wetting and rotting the woodwork underneath and destroying our much needed dry area near the back door. :confused:

My guess is that all this is caused by too little pitch, but I could not increase it further using the existing method of spacer planks. One builder suggested filling up the leaking joins with silicone. Besides the fact that we cannot get him back to finish another job, I am concerned that this will not address the main problem, or the end piece underrun, and it would also void the warranty on the Laserlite materials. :eek:

One thought I had was to insert chocks into the upright posts that support the roofing framework. Could this be done by sawing through the posts, using jacks and/or a few steadying extra hands to lift it up and increase the height and pitch at one end. Does this sound feasible? Any suggestions that don't entail dismantling the entire roof would be very welcome. Dismantling would mean there would be many drill holes in the Laserlite that would be difficult/impossible to line up again and bolt correctly to a new structure.

Thanks in anticipation

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Some amateur (me) thought he could get away with a lesser pitch than recommended ...
Gotta love that idea. What would the manufacturer know about minimum pitch.
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