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How to create a commercial relationship?

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I stumbled across a commercial paint project that brought in a $48k contract. One of my telemarketers was calling prospects that were in proximity to a job we are starting and the lead happened to own an apartment complex that needs painting.
My question...
I am about to have a couple of my lead telemarketers call on commercial property owners and property management companies to drum up business. And I want them to have something better to say than: "are you in need of exterior paint" or "can we get on your vendor list"
Any ideas? I have a fax article, email attachment, and mail package prepared to send.
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We usually just call to verify the correct mailing address so that we can send them information on our company. They respond much better to that than asking to speak with the owner.

Enclosed in a large 9"x11" envelope is: an introduction letter, 2 business cards, a list of most requested services, w-9, and proof of insurance. That seems to work pretty well for us.

Good luck,
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