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How to Acquire a Contractors License

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Hello all. I am in King County, Washington. We are a Supplier and do not have a contractors license. I wish to join forces with a very small company called ABC General. He does have a contractors license.

My company will hire his people and they will do the work under my company name in my trucks. The only problem is that we must use his contractors license, which is under ABC General.

- Do we acquire the company?
- Do we call it a subsidiary?
- Can we add our name to his license?
- Should we get our own license?
- Can we use an ink stamp and just stamp his name and license number on our quotes, invoices, trucks?

What is the easiest way to accomplish this joint venture. The expense of changing my company name, logos, printing supplies, invoices, business cards, vehicle graphics, bank accounts is just to great.
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ok, end result is so simple it's amazing. Just file a new MBA listing the new company as the DBA. Thanks for the help...... and no............ ABC General is not a real company name, and I will not post my names.

Thanks again.
Let me try to simplify this. I can establish a master corporation and under that corporation I can have 30 DBA companies that are each very specialized in their own lines of business. Let's say I am carpet manufacturer. I can DBA another
wow, I have spent 3 weeks researching this and I have not formed a single biased opinion. I post on this board one time and I receive tons of completely out of this world crazy accusations!!!! and nobody knows anything except me! ok, look,,,, Yes, it is legal, per L&I and Wa State. I also called Idaho and Montana and they agreed. This will be my last post. I can't spend my time defending myself. My research is over and now the real work begins. But, seeing as how you all did bother to respond to me, I guess I can take a moment to share my newfound knowledge. Maybe you can use it to help your business prosper.................... The DBA isn't fraud. The main aspect of a DBA allows a person to legally do business under a different name, without have to create a completely new business entity. With DBA, you are able to advertise, accept payments and represent yourself under a fictitious name. They still retain complete control of their company, I just have the power to facilitate what they do not have the skills to do. Through the use of the DBA, I can bring companies together and facilitate our growth as a single entity. Most people fail in business because of business. Instead of 1 company struggling to make ends meet, we are now 7, sharing the costs, offices, trucks, tools, materials, accounts. Good luck to you all.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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