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Hello all. I am in King County, Washington. We are a Supplier and do not have a contractors license. I wish to join forces with a very small company called ABC General. He does have a contractors license.

My company will hire his people and they will do the work under my company name in my trucks. The only problem is that we must use his contractors license, which is under ABC General.

- Do we acquire the company?
- Do we call it a subsidiary?
- Can we add our name to his license?
- Should we get our own license?
- Can we use an ink stamp and just stamp his name and license number on our quotes, invoices, trucks?

What is the easiest way to accomplish this joint venture. The expense of changing my company name, logos, printing supplies, invoices, business cards, vehicle graphics, bank accounts is just to great.
The easiest way would be to hire his company under their license as a subcontractor. A No-no under your company's name. It sucks, but this is the best alternative. Make sure the contract spells out the terms of your agreement clearly. Eventually, If you wanna run the whole show, you must get your company licensed. Good Luck.

your questions?
-maybe, but not necessary
-if you are partners
-only if you are legal partners in bizness. ( remember,the license holder is the one responsible to answer lawsuits, pull permits, do work to code)

hope this helps...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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