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How should I lay the floor(direction).

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I am trying to decide on how to lay my flooring(laminate or bamboo). My living room and dining room are basically one large room that is 18'x32'. If I lay it longways against the 32' wall it will make laying the floor down the hall look bad.

Should I start on the long wall anyways and change the direction of the wood down the hall or just start on the 18' wall and lay it. The sun comes in the windows in the livingroom and through the padio door in the livingroom.

My other concern is if I lay it against the 18' wall, then when I get to the hallway entrance to the bedrooms I will have a weird ending. Two of the bedroom doors make a V. So would I cut a triangle piece out of the wood for the last piece?

Here is a drawing not to scale of course. It gives a good idea. Everything shown is to have flooring installed.


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"If I lay it longways against the 32' wall it will make laying the floor down the hall look bad."

Tell me, why do you think it will look bad? If you lay the flooring properly it shouldn't matter. If it were me, I wouldn't change the direction of the flooring for the hallway - if you did you'd have to put something down for the threshold. You can't worry about the "weird endings" as you call them. The direction of the flooring won't change the fact that you'll have to cut some pieces that aren't 100% straight.

That's just my opinion/advice. I'm sure some of the flooring experts will be here to offer their opinions soon.

Good luck!
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The corner by the bedrooms that you're concerned about is going to be a small piece regardless of how you lay the laminate - it all depends on how it lines up by the time you get to that point. I'm assuming you are going to start in the living/dinng room so it will be hard to plan out how the last part will end up. Someone like Florcraft or the other Flooring guys may have some tricks they use that can help you out.
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