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How should I lay the floor(direction).

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I am trying to decide on how to lay my flooring(laminate or bamboo). My living room and dining room are basically one large room that is 18'x32'. If I lay it longways against the 32' wall it will make laying the floor down the hall look bad.

Should I start on the long wall anyways and change the direction of the wood down the hall or just start on the 18' wall and lay it. The sun comes in the windows in the livingroom and through the padio door in the livingroom.

My other concern is if I lay it against the 18' wall, then when I get to the hallway entrance to the bedrooms I will have a weird ending. Two of the bedroom doors make a V. So would I cut a triangle piece out of the wood for the last piece?

Here is a drawing not to scale of course. It gives a good idea. Everything shown is to have flooring installed.


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You always try to lay the flooring with the light that comes from your largest window(s). Laying it crossways in a hall will make the hall appear wider.
Lemme see if Mike taught me right.

Mike, it came out kinda leetel.
Anyway bust out your magnifying glass and take a look. This is an entryway/reception area, it flows from the front door/sidelight and plantation shutters (facing east) all of the way through the house to a florida room (west facing) with an entire wall of the same shutters.
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Pond, All I know is what I am told. I work for and with most of the top interior designers in my area, over the years some of their knowledge has rubbed off.
Mike, how come my picture isn't working? I can see it.
I would go the long way, looks much better.
Lay it at 45 deg. and everone will be happy.
Code, DO NOT LISTEN TOTHE PONDMAN!!! He is a BB scab, I have posted this under it's own title. I know this guy from other BB's. He gets his jolly's from disrupting sites and brags about it on other sites. Sorry that it took me so long to recognise the moron.
Goodbye pawned, oops, pond.
I'm not going anywhere, staying warm.
The human eye reacts the same. Most people know about clothes, horizontal stripes make you appear wider and vertical stripes make you look thinner. The same basic theory applies to your house.
Want to know the truth? Take some photos and trot them down to your local Interior DESIGNER, NOT decorator. Big difference. Most will give you a free opinion.
Mine tell me that 90 deg. intersections are bad, lengthwise down a narrow corridor is bad and anything that breaks the 'flow' is bad.
Go try a few and get back to us
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Marco, you are correct in the directional change but it is difficult to pull off as all of the expansion/contraction has to be allowed for at the far end of the hallway or a gap will occur at the intersection. Careful attention must be paid to the entryways to the hallway. Always glue the main room panels 3-4 out in front of the hallway to spread the load, the intersection MUST be glued as well.
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