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How should I lay the floor(direction).

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I am trying to decide on how to lay my flooring(laminate or bamboo). My living room and dining room are basically one large room that is 18'x32'. If I lay it longways against the 32' wall it will make laying the floor down the hall look bad.

Should I start on the long wall anyways and change the direction of the wood down the hall or just start on the 18' wall and lay it. The sun comes in the windows in the livingroom and through the padio door in the livingroom.

My other concern is if I lay it against the 18' wall, then when I get to the hallway entrance to the bedrooms I will have a weird ending. Two of the bedroom doors make a V. So would I cut a triangle piece out of the wood for the last piece?

Here is a drawing not to scale of course. It gives a good idea. Everything shown is to have flooring installed.


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Lay the floor parallel with the fireplace which is the same direction as the hallway.

I'm a licensed Real Estate Broker as well as contractor. They will not look bad or hurt you at all on resale. In fact running the length instead of the width will be better for resale.

In fact I can't recall a hallway ever having short runs of hardwood flooring down a hallway. You want your floors to FLOW not be some perpindicular stubby 3' sections.

My personal home is in a historic district and valued close to $500,000 and the floors run with the hallway, not against it.

It's hard to make out your picture, but I think you and I are on the same page, now that I go back and look at your drawing.

Run your flooring with the hallway and that also goes back into the livingroom. Therefore they are parallel with the fireplace wall so to speak.

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Can't see your picture there. But if you are saying lay hardwoods because of the way light enters the room and to lay perpendicular to hall width, then I will have to diasagree.

Hardwoods should FLOW. Just as a rug to protect them is a runner (longways).
Wide layout, and I'll explain.

1. Entry room is large enough for floor to go either way.

2. Hall off main entry room should flow.

3. With placement of furniture, (couch in front of fireplace, chair, etc.)
the floor will flow left to right with the room as it should.

This is from our designers. Thanks for the image so I could send it to them and ask for an explanation as to why they would do it that way.

I'm with you, never would I have a hallway going on a short run off the main room.

Cherfully, :)

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What about doing some inlay. Say 45 it on all corners, work your way in and then finish off with gorgous granit or marble.

Now that's the ticket! :Thumbs:
Is this just a corner where two walls meet next to the bedroom entry?

Is this new construction or an existing home?

I have had this type of situation befor on a very large remodel and addition project.
If it is new construction that is not yet finished I would square that area off.

If the home is already finished and you are just installing floor, go ahead. In the end it will not be all that bad as it seems on paper. In those situations a simple plant in the corner will work for decoration. The real fun will be the installer getting in that corner.

Because I do large remodel projects with angles and octagons as foyers for master suites, I have run into many different angle combinations, and how to best incorporate transtions between walls and rooms.

Even if it is old construction you can subdue the "V" area by adding a short wall and rock it. That way you will have an almost "L" shape return. This is especially easy if you have no crown moulding to worry with.

With all said though I would not worry about the little "V" section.

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