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How NOT to shingle a roof.

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Figured some of you guys would get a laugh out of this...

Went up to check out a roofing job last fall and this is what I found. Shingles around the outside edge.. I figured so it would look like it had shingles from the ground, and the rest is just tar on plywood. The rest of the house had absolutely no flashing what so ever... and they wondered why it leaked.... it never seizes to amaze me how stupid some people can be. This house was just one big can of worms after that.

anyone else come across something so ridiculous all you can do is just shake your head?


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I would rather shingle it than tar it.:blink:
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That guy should be tracked down and put in jail for that .
Did the H/o know they were tarring and ahh capping lol ? or was he expecting a real roofing job?
Not to sound too picky, but aren't shingles supposed to be involved when shingling a roof?... :whistling
Looks like it's a really low pitch. Probably shouldn't be shingled. Still interesting though
The tile of this thread should read "How to Not Shingle a Roof" :laughing:
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I've done something similar quite a few times.
Usually when the HO doesn't have enought money at the moment to redo the roof. I will tar it.
It will stop a leaky roof.
even if the pitch is too flat, should at least have had a membrane laid out before a hotmop....right?
It takes a special sort of genius to do something that stupid.
It looks to shallow of a pitch to shingle. Torch down with proper flashing.
I would rather shingle it than tar it.:blink:
Maybe they were coming back to felt then shingle... but forgot?

It does almost look like there is a single ply of felt the asphalt is lumping up in straight lines, could be the edges of plywood though. Who ever mops to plywood should be shot just on principle.
It's a low pitch. He should not shingle on that area.
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