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i have already done the job and am trying to figure out how much to charge. job cost me $513.00 and is finished.

this is a smal 18'x8"x8" curb poured to gravel grade 6" slab. this is new blding within the last couple years. the curb protects the drive through at a pharmacy. existing curb was only pourd on top of the slab without bar tieng it to the slab or bar in the curb itself. junk if you aks me

what i did was cut the slap yanked the concrete with my skidsteer with a single fork on it worked pretty good. i then doweld 1/2" bare every 16" and built a welded 1/2 bar mat that rises to 1.5" below the top of the finished curb. over kill i know. but will likly last longer then me

i bought a conrete blade for my ts400 and supplied all materials totaling 513

i also pourd the concrete . curb is broke every 53 1/4" after stripping the form i also green cut the sides about a 1/2" deep.

i was thinking id charge 1000. does this sound to much.

thanks and im not to sure if ive posted this question in the right forumn


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All I want for Christmas is one day without this...

The answer will always be tree-fiddy until you learn your pricing (hint hint - Business Section Pricing & Estimating Sticky is a good place to start, followed by a search on Tree-Fiddy, How Much & Going Rate

So the 513, includes all fuel, insurance, phone charges, etc... right??? How many hours did you spend for this whopping $487 you are planning on charging for your labor - that includes all your taxes, etc?

Good Luck
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