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How much info on Co. t-shirts?

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Do you go the simple clean Look with just your Logo and Number, or do you get crazy and and put websites, services you offer, your moms name, and so on?

Does either way make you look less or more professional looking?
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i just put company logo on ours... no number, no website
they are work shirts/ uniforms... the job sign and van do the promotion
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Ont the back-
License #

On the front:

Logo only on the pocket.

Last batch of tees I got they were running a promo-I got my logo on the sleeves free. Not sure if i like that yet or not.
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Polo's & dress shirts - logo only on the front (all I have right now)

TShirts - logo on front - logo, phone number & website on back (coming soon - maybe)

License # maybe required in your state (if they state "all advertising" & you want to write it off, make sure it is on there) --- I would probably put it on there anyways, the only catch down here is the number changes yearly
I use this for a conversation starter with the female clients.
So what do they usually have to say about your belly? :jester:
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Backs are walking billboards. I only have polos right now, company name. How much would/could a person expect to pay for a bunch of shirts? Would tree fiddy be good for 100?
I use this for a conversation starter with the female clients.


so.... have they heard the legend of that little thing?:laughing:
Here is one that I've created but haven't ordered yet. I'd like a gray tee instead of white. Waiting to hear if that's possible.


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logo and company name on the front is all we have. I think it looks very professional and my guys seem to wear them quite a bit. I think it gives you name recognition and presents a professional appearance. Can't imagine that anyone has ever called a phone number that they saw on a shirt.
Keep it simple.
only worked for 2 companys that had shirts, the large commercial company had us wear ballcaps or toques, the tshirts just had the company logo and slogan on the front pocket

a big name reno company i was with a few years back had us wear button up collard shirts with the logo on the right and our name on the left.

in both instances it so when their are many subs on site the H.O knows who on site was with the general
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