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how much are you spending on ads?

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What I'd like to know-
How much you are spending on ads and on what?

How big is your company (employees, sales rep, etc)?

What type of ads work best for you?

We do roofing, siding, gutters, and windows. 2 full time office employess, 4 sales guys, 6 in house production workers. when we're too busy, we sub out.

The ads we do
30k a year on post cards that reaches 1.2 million consumers.
7 thousand a year on door to door flyers that reaches 160K consumers.
15 thousand a year on coupon savers that reaches 1.3 million consumers.
1k a year on online seo.

We decided to amp up on ads because a lot of our competitors aren't renewing their ads with the same promo companies we go through.
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Just off the top of my head for the moment~

$3k a year for an add at the local movie theater (plays a 15 second add before every movie shown at the theater)--Got 2 Sunroom sales totaling over $40k

$10k-$15k for home shows (we ordinarily generate over 400k from the overall combination of all the shows

$1k-2k for our own in house direct mailings

Few other things here and there,...but it's early--let me think some more:blink:


An in house installation crew consisting of 4 guys-

3 sales reps-

The boss-

and me (the inside guy)
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