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how many tool pouches do u use

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i dont know about u guys i always use two pouches one set of leather awps for framing etc and a single cloth awp pouch for when we get into trim work it just makes it easy on me having everthing i need right there instead of stuffin it in my pants pocket or having to look around for it how bout u guys
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Only one tool belt. When trimming I rarely use a tool belt. These days, with air nailers, I don't need to carry around very much.
Tape measure and pencil. For the times that a nail doesn't set all the way or I need to tap something into place, I just leave my tools nearby. Usually my tool belt is sitting close.
Starting out, it was taboo to not wear a tool bag all the time. Now I don't wear it nearly as much. Production is probably slightly slower, but I can move around easier and not carrying that weight makes it easier on me.
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