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Hi guys I am new to the site, from upstate NY and was wondering if any of you guys have a solution to this problem. My town only has about 6 GC's that do the work that I like to do (small commercial) and one of these guys has asked me to bid on about a dozen jobs and has yet to hire us. I know he is using use for a number but I hate to burn the bridge. I also know he can hire any one he wants and price can be adjusted for the guy he wants to use. Anyone just stop quoting for a GC, and if so how many quotes is the breaking point? I have another question, do any of you add the retainage on your quote over and above your price. You have to wait so long for this that I think it is fair to just add it in as an extra, that way if it takes 12 months to get it no big deal. What is the standard % you see, my last contract had 10% in it and I made them change it to 5% and they did. The gc said " oh we hold 10% for everybody" I said "not me". Anyways nice to have found this site and have someone to ask.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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